What is Massage Therapy for Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that is categorized as mild, moderate, and severe. A mild curvature of the spine does not require treatment, and your doctor will monitor the condition. Moderate cases are typically treated with a brace, and severe cases may require surgery. Pain is the most difficult symptom of scoliosis. At Peterson Chiropractic in Midtown Manhattan, NY, Dr. Gordon Kuang recommends scoliosis massage therapy for Midtown Manhattan, NY residents who want to alleviate the discomfort of their spinal curvatures.

How Massage Helps with Scoliosis

Massage therapy reduces the discomfort related to scoliosis and provides benefits that improve your quality of life. Having a massage makes you more aware of your body. This new awareness helps you monitor how you move your body. Paying attention to your body mechanics may reduce your scoliosis symptoms. Other benefits of massages for scoliosis include improved mobility and sleep.

Types of Massage for Scoliosis

You may be wondering what type of scoliosis massage therapy in Midtown Manhattan, NY, is best for you. Dr. Kuang recommends deep-tissue massage and cranial-sacrum treatment for scoliosis. Much of the discomfort that you have from scoliosis is caused by tension in your muscles. Deep-tissue massage increases blood flow to your back and spine. The treatment also includes stretches that help release tight muscles. Cranial-sacrum treatment increases spinal mobility and ensures that the vertebrae are aligned.

Does Massage for Scoliosis Hurt?

Having a massage for your scoliosis is the same as other types of massage, except that the techniques are adapted to your unique needs. Massages are very relaxing. You may have some sensations when Dr. Kuang works on muscles that are particularly tense, but most people find the experience pleasurable and not painful. If you do experience discomfort, Dr. Kuang adjusts his technique to ensure that you feel relaxed.

Can Massage Cure My Scoliosis?

Massage therapy cannot cure your scoliosis. It is intended to minimize your symptoms and improve your quality of life. You should continue following the recommendations of your primary physician to treat your spinal curvature.

Scoliosis is a challenging medical condition that affects children and adults. Scoliosis massage therapy in Midtown Manhattan, NY, is a complementary treatment that alleviates your symptoms, improves your body mechanics, and provides many other benefits. Learn more about massage therapy for scoliosis by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kuang at our New York, NY, office. Call Peterson Chiropractic today at (212) 242-3210.

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