What You Should Know About Scoliosis in Midtown Manhattan, NY

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that affects approximately 5 to 7 million Americans. While many cases of scoliosis are mild and do not produce symptoms, some people experience debilitating symptoms that limit their daily activities and greatly impact their quality of life. If you are experiencing any of these problems you will want to see our Midtown East, New York, chiropractor Dr. Gordon Kuang and the team at Peterson Chiropractic to find out whether you may have scoliosis.

What Causes Scoliosis?

There are many reasons why this spinal condition occurs. It may be due to a bone malformation that occurs during birth or it may be the result of a condition that affects the muscles and nerves such as cerebral palsy. It could also be due to a traumatic injury or illness. Unfortunately, most of the time scoliosis is idiopathic, meaning that there is no known cause.

How is Scoliosis Detected?

This condition is most often diagnosed during a regular school screening, but when your child goes in for their annual physical examination, their pediatrician may also be able to detect the presence of scoliosis. Some signs that you or someone who know has scoliosis include uneven shoulders or waist or leaning to one side. This condition can easily be diagnosed through a physical examination and also through x-rays.

How Does a Chiropractor Help Manage Scoliosis?

Here at Peterson Chiropractic, we provide chiropractic care to ease symptoms and improve movement and spinal function. While we cannot cure your scoliosis we can help improve the health of your spine and reduce your chances for health complications and pain in the future. Through regular chiropractic adjustments and other alternative therapies, we can improve joint mobility, making it easier for your body to function properly as a whole.

Through our array of chiropractic therapies, we can also improve your posture and take pressure off certain joints in the spine, which can boost comfort levels and reduce your chances of pain, swelling, nerve compression and other issues. We can also address other musculoskeletal issues that you may be experiencing, as well as prevent further spinal degradation.

Depending on your symptoms and severity, our chiropractor Dr. Kuang and the team at Peterson Chiropractic offer a variety of treatments to lessen symptoms associated with scoliosis. Don’t let a spinal problem affect your quality of life. Call us at (212) 242-3210 to schedule a consultation.

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