Peterson Chiropractic always appreciates feedback from our valued patients.  Please read what others are saying about Peterson Chiropractic below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

  • "I was GREAT as usual!"
    Edward V. (Submitted 12/03/21)
  • "Dr. Gruen and all the staff at MoveWell are the absolute best. Dr. Gruen is kind, patient, and takes the time necessary to help you feel your best. This is the best chiropractic office I've ever been to."
    Cindy N. (Submitted 11/13/21)
  • "My experience here is always the best. The staff are so kind and I love to come back every week!"
    Merita C. (Submitted 11/12/21)
  • "Everyone there is committed to the patient’s well-being."
    James P. (Submitted 10/24/21)
  • "Very kind staff! Definitely will be coming back for another visit - Dr. Ben is really informative."
    Alexandra F. (Submitted 10/20/21)
  • "Very friendly and knowledgeable dr, receptionists are very kind and professional aswell. Highly recommended this place , I am going back soon..happy customer"
    Farid I. (Submitted 09/30/21)
  • "Everybody is devoted to the patient's are and well-being."
    James P. (Submitted 09/27/21)
  • "Great staff. Great Dr. Pleased with results."
    Jennifer M. (Submitted 09/10/21)
  • "Everyone is committed to getting their patients better."
    James P. (Submitted 08/31/21)
  • "Very courteous staff, Dr Peterson is the best."
    Debra W. (Submitted 07/22/21)
  • "Dr. P is always awesome. Recommend him without reservation."
    Scott S. (Submitted 07/21/21)
  • "Highly recommended! Great place to get all your treatments under one roof. They have caring chiropractors, a massage therapist and a physical therapist to help with all your needs."
    Susan W. (Submitted 07/21/21)
  • "My Dr was caring, compassionate, he made me feel very comfortable and explained things in detail to me. He even picked up on the fact that I had sprained my foot 10 years ago. Definitely going back."
    Simone D. (Submitted 07/16/21)
  • "Everyone was very friendly and Dr Ben took a lot of care with my appointment. Hopefully we can develop a treatment and continue working together."
    Paul M. (Submitted 07/16/21)
  • "Wonderful"
    Gillian P. (Submitted 07/09/21)
  • "Dr. Kuang seemed to be very intuitive to my issues and has great information for me to get better."
    Gregory L. (Submitted 07/01/21)
  • "The office was very accommodating, and the doctor was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful"
    Robert M. (Submitted 06/29/21)
  • "I felt so much better after visiting and the staff is extremely welcoming and friendly."
    Maximillian G. (Submitted 06/20/21)
  • "Loved the staff and chiropractor!"
    Ariful S. (Submitted 06/19/21)
  • "Great staff!"
    Verity A. (Submitted 06/18/21)
  • "I am no longer frozen!!"
    Denise A. (Submitted 06/17/21)
  • "Professional, and friendly"
    Zhen X. (Submitted 06/11/21)
  • "Great staff."
    Joseph A. (Submitted 04/15/21)
  • "The acupuncture session I had with Alexandra was a relief. My back has finally relaxed and my mind feels clearer after one session! Also, everyone at the practice was friendly, personable, and welcoming. I recommend treatment here."
    Mauricio H. (Submitted 04/09/21)
  • "Dr. Ben is the best. The place is well lit and I love everyone there. They are so caring"
    Farzana C. (Submitted 03/19/21)
  • "First of all the staff in it’s entirety are wonderful, very accommodating, friendly. I have gone to many Chiro’s in the past so I have plenty to compare it too. The adjustment was so on point and Dr John excellent. I highly recommend it as one of the best I’ve ever gotten"
    Jay R. (Submitted 03/16/21)
  • "Hey there DR Ben. Hope all is well. Give a call. 609.658.1127"
    Mark C. (Submitted 02/26/21)
  • "Massage was awesome ! The adjustment was not only amazing it was also very educational"
    Simeoin F. (Submitted 12/07/20)
  • "Dr. Peterson is always happy to answer any questions and provide detail on any ailments. I appreciate him giving status updates along the way as well. Beyond that, he and his staff are incredibly friendly and helpful."
    Molly K. (Submitted 12/07/20)
  • "Dr. Peterson is so kind and dedicated to your longterm and overall health. He has helped my recover some major sports injuries!"
    Lyndsay K. (Submitted 11/01/20)
  • "Honestly the best experience I’ve had at any doctor/Chiro from the moment I walked in the door. The intake nurse was incredibly nice and explained everything and made me feel super comfortable. The doctor who assessed me was thorough, kind and took his time to explain everything and really wanted to understand the pain/ problem I was dealing with. The radiologist who did my x-rays and adjusted me was just as patient, and did not rush even though i was the last patient left in the office. Highly recommend Move MD if you are looking for long term reliable pain management"
    Courtney K. (Submitted 09/03/20)
  • "Thoughtful and knowledgeable staff!"
    Anna S. (Submitted 08/27/20)
  • "."
    Natasha C. (Submitted 08/08/20)
  • "Love Dr. Peterson and his staff! Very professional and knowledgeable, I absolutely trust him with my aches and pains."
    Nadia O. (Submitted 06/24/20)
  • "Extremely thorough and knowledgeable. The Dr was genuinely interested in solving the issues, he took the time to ask in-depth questions in order to determine the correct course of action."
    David B. (Submitted 05/05/20)
  • "I went to Move Well with a terrible pain in my lower back (which was a gym injury). The staff at the clinic were super nice and they made me feel very comfortable. This being my first time ever at a chiropractor's clinic I was a bit worried. But after my first adjustment, I felt amazing. It was like magic. The pain was almost gone. Over the next few visits my pain went from 8 to 0. The staff is very well trained and are great at what they do. The stretches, massages, adjustments were all great. Would recommend it 100 percent."
    Sahej B. (Submitted 02/25/20)
  • "Seamless service and positivity that I’d be able to make changes to improve my posture have helped that vision come true"
    Aidan O. (Submitted 02/25/20)
  • "Perfect!! 5 stars across the board. Dr. Peterson was gentle, asked questions and was very nice. Highly recommend."
    Elijah O. (Submitted 02/19/20)
  • "A very positive experience. Doctor showed compassion."
    Shannon D. (Submitted 02/11/20)
  • "Had a great first experience at Move Well MD. Everyone was pleasant and knowledgeable and truly wanted to help"
    Yan L. (Submitted 02/11/20)
  • "Staff is very patient with listening and identifying root causes of pain and discomfort."
    Daniel P. (Submitted 02/08/20)
  • "Best experience with the office and stuff in general. Dr Peterson is always helping me with all my issues, very attentive and professional"
    Rita S. (Submitted 01/31/20)
  • "Great"
    Mark F. (Submitted 01/21/20)
  • "I see Dr Gordon regularly. He’s helped my stiff neck. Highly recommend."
    Lorie S. (Submitted 01/15/20)
  • "What I expected"
    Reid E. (Submitted 01/10/20)
  • "Gordon is great"
    Deborah A. (Submitted 12/17/19)
  • "Staff is great and Dr. Peterson is always so personable."
    Bo Oi L. (Submitted 12/14/19)
  • "Always a great experience."
    Lorie S. (Submitted 12/13/19)
  • "Improvement and increased flexibility in my lower back"
    Yuk-Ying C. (Submitted 12/12/19)
  • "Prompt, courteous and professional"
    Anthony S. (Submitted 12/03/19)
  • "."
    Shan J. (Submitted 12/02/19)
  • "It was great as always!!!"
    Jose A. (Submitted 11/28/19)
  • "Very professional and friendly"
    Lee W. (Submitted 11/28/19)
  • "MoveWell MD treatment plan through PT, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments has made an improvement in my quality of life."
    Yuk-Ying C. (Submitted 11/18/19)
  • "Great experience! It was my first time ever going to a chiropractor and Dr. Peterson was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and informative. I learned so much about my posture, sleeping habits, and exercises to utilize to combat my current back and neck pain. I look forward to returning to keep my spine in line and improve my habits going forward!"
    Kimberly F. (Submitted 11/15/19)
  • "The doctors provide excellent care accompanied with an amazing and caring staff."
    Keith F. (Submitted 11/10/19)
  • "The most wonderful crew in the world... they always got your back!"
    Leora T. (Submitted 11/08/19)
  • "very good Al was great"
    Holly T. (Submitted 11/05/19)
  • "Great staff, great doctor!"
    Joanna S. (Submitted 11/02/19)
  • "Great visit"
    Attelie P. (Submitted 10/23/19)
  • "Great experience!"
    Jean-baptiste G. (Submitted 10/12/19)
  • "Dr. Peterson has been an integral part of my health. He's thorough and takes his time to make sure I'm in proper alignment. He’s always pleasant and is knowledgable about current health trends and medical advances."
    Laura G. (Submitted 10/10/19)
  • "All the best, regards from Croatia :)"
    JASNA K. (Submitted 10/06/19)
  • "First time visiting a Chiropractor and after meeting with Dr. Peterson for an initial consult, I’m genuinely looking forward to my next appointment. Within a half hour session not only was he able to start correcting my imbalances, but also give me confidence that progress would come and I’d be able to alleviate my pain and back tension."
    Aidan O. (Submitted 10/03/19)
  • "Can I give the doc only five stars?! He, and his practice, are a warm and friendly haven where you will feel right at home. His professionalism is unmatched. You will walk out of there happy and a lot healthier. I cannot recommend it highly enough."
    John N. (Submitted 09/29/19)
  • "Super nice, attentive, and wise."
    Brandon C. (Submitted 09/28/19)
  • "Very thorough. and excellent csre."
    Rachelle G. (Submitted 09/27/19)
  • "Dr Peterson is very professional and nice. He runs on schedule and spends enough time with the patients. Excellent staff: easy scheduling and insurance verification."
    Othea T. (Submitted 09/25/19)
  • "MoveWell is an incredible establishment. Helped me when others couldn’t. And the most wonderful staff."
    Karlie C. (Submitted 09/15/19)
  • "Solid"
    Timothy M. (Submitted 09/04/19)
  • "Well, all I can say; as a mature professional Dancer and fitness enthusiast. Peterson Chiropractic, has kept me moving far past many of my mature colleagues. And, with the Wall Street location offering additional cutting edge services. There’s no other place to go. Sincerely, Richard E. Waits"
    Richard W. (Submitted 09/03/19)
  • "I got a very detailed exam on my first visit. Looking forward for my treatment visits."
    Ekaterina F. (Submitted 09/03/19)
  • "Great People n DOCTOR!"
    Edward V. (Submitted 08/14/19)
  • "Great professional staff. Almost instant pain relief."
    Yelena A. (Submitted 08/13/19)
  • "Always a great experience and it’s made an improvement on my back pain!"
    Alexzandria P. (Submitted 08/12/19)
  • "Dr Peterson is always attentive, compassionate and dedicated to healing. A master of his profession"
    Kenneth C. (Submitted 08/03/19)
  • "In great hands, I was taken seriously about my pain for the first time!"
    Krister S. (Submitted 08/02/19)
  • "I have been going to Dr. Peterson for several years now. He and his staff are always welcoming and caring. His facility is immaculate. He is prompt and very thoughtful. He is concerned not only with your chiropractic care but your overall health and well-being. It is always a great experience when I go and have recommended several colleagues to visit his office and they are now patients. Simply, a great chiropractor who gets results through his knowledge and care."
    Anissa T. (Submitted 07/30/19)
  • "By far the best chiropractor in NYC . At 25 weeks pregnant I had an episode of chronic sharp shooting pains on my lower back in which didn’t allow any movement at all . I needed assistance to even get out of bed to utilize the bathroom (gross I know ) . Eventually seek professional help & went to ER where the Doctor diagnoses me with development of Sciatica and that I had to rest and prescribed Muscle relaxers & high dose of Tylenol in which I thought was absurd. I then remembered that Dr.Louis Peterson had helped other with classes of sciatica and decided to have him treat me . With only 1 adjustment I was instantly relief from all the pain with tears I thanked Dr. Peterson and couldn’t believe that while others wanted to just treat me with drugs during my pregnancy for this pain it took Dr.Peterson only an adjustment to make all my pain and stress away."
    Lucy R. (Submitted 07/29/19)
  • "He is by far the best chiropractor and I believe any woman pregnant or not as well as men should try Chiropractic adjustments it definitely did a difference for me I no longer have any pains and I do get Maintanance treatment by both Dr. Peterson and Dr. Gordon once and or twice a month to prevent any chronic pain from reoccurring. If you have not tried a chiropractor you should make that change now specially with Dr. Peterson and his colleague Dr. Gordon I promise you will not regret it ."
    Lucy R. (Submitted 07/29/19)
  • "Very good service"
    Mahendra A. (Submitted 07/29/19)
  • "Very painful procedure. but the doctor and nurse were very caring and concerned for my health."
    Rachelle G. (Submitted 07/24/19)
  • "Always the best care."
    Robert F. (Submitted 07/14/19)
  • "The only Doctor’s office I like to come because Dr. Ben and his team are super nice."
    Farzana C. (Submitted 07/14/19)
  • "Love Dr. Ben, his office provides major relief from aches, pains and headaches."
    Chrystal L. (Submitted 07/13/19)
  • "Awesome recommend it to several of my employees"
    Edgardo R. (Submitted 07/11/19)
  • "Dr. Peterson and his entire staff always take such good care of me and make the whole experience exceptional in ever way. Highly recommend him for all your chiropractic needs and gets a solid A+ from me on every visit. Bravo for a job well done!!!"
    Gary G. (Submitted 07/03/19)
  • "Dr p is the best"
    Michelle R. (Submitted 06/26/19)
  • "Fantastic experience!"
    Philip F. (Submitted 06/25/19)
  • "Really friendly staff and doctors are really friendly. Would recommend to anyone with pain to at least come say hello and have a conversation with the staff and doctors."
    Hussain C. (Submitted 06/25/19)
  • "Always great specially the staff they are so polite kind and respectful and so Dr.Gordon who give all the tips and excersize to make me feel better God Bless you all"
    Naomi C. (Submitted 06/23/19)
  • "My physical therapist was the best. She knows her work. I also found front desk staff was always pleasant."
    Norma L. (Submitted 06/16/19)
  • "Professional and friendly."
    Shan J. (Submitted 06/15/19)
  • "Dr Peterson is by far the best chiropractor I have ever visited. He is very knowledgeable, attentive, efficient and nice. His stuff is very friendly and polite. The atmosphere in his office is in general very positive and friendly. Highly recommended!"
    Yelena K. (Submitted 06/15/19)
  • "I love that Dr. Peterson takes time to go over my working, sleeping, and working out methods to find out what is causing the problem, instead of just adjusting the areas that hurt. I'm amazed at how much he knows about different kinds of sports and strains they put on body parts. So far he's had detailed info about rock climbing, Crossfit, and hot yoga practices, sports in which I hurt myself! I always leave the office not just relieved of pain, but informed with what I need to do to avoid hurting parts of my body."
    Sally S. (Submitted 06/13/19)
  • "Have been going to Dr. Lou Peterson for many years and have always been more than satisfied. He has a great personality and technique. I alway feel great after a visit with him."
    Thomas C. (Submitted 06/09/19)
  • "I could not speak more highly of Dr. peterson! He was amazing! Very thorough with the exam and really wants to get you to you best self. I have told all my friends and co-workers about him. And I can’t wait to go back for my next visit."
    Caitlan M. (Submitted 06/05/19)
  • "Before my appointments with Dr. Peterson, my hands would go numb from the tension in my shoulders and I got horrible headaches. Dr. Peterson has helped me not only identify the problem and work to fix the issues during my appointments but has also given me tools and exercises to improve my posture, release tension, and help avoid problems in the first place. The service and kindness provided is unparalleled. Truly a transformative experience."
    Meredith W. (Submitted 06/02/19)
  • "Dr. Peterson is not only an excellent doctor, but also one of the kindest and most caring human beings you will ever meet. He is all about his patients’ well being and his staff are also very kind Andy professional and accommodating. I cannot say enough good things about this practice."
    Sammi M. (Submitted 06/01/19)
  • "Awesome and caring"
    Anthony S. (Submitted 05/31/19)
  • "Always a great experience!"
    Annie W. (Submitted 05/30/19)
  • "Excellent job ! Helpful, educated and friendly team !"
    Mark H. (Submitted 05/23/19)
  • "Dr. Peterson is the best! He's always punctual, and I consistently leave his office feeling better then when I walked in :)"
    Jaclyn T. (Submitted 05/07/19)
  • "Great Doc! Very attentive, personable and responsive. What you would want to look for in a good doctor."
    Carolyn M. (Submitted 05/04/19)
  • "One of the best chiropractors ever! Helped me a lot with my back pain. Very nice and efficient staff! Highly recommended!"
    Yelena K. (Submitted 04/27/19)
  • "Well adjusted"
    Yuk-Ying C. (Submitted 04/19/19)
  • "describe clear, communicate with patient, suggestion is useful"
    Song L. (Submitted 04/16/19)
  • "I was a bit nervous as I had never been to the chiropractor before and had a great experience. Dr. Kuang was great about explaining everything that was going on and related a lot of the discomfort that I was experiencing back to specific injuries that I had in the past. I'm looking forward to how Peterson Chiropractic will help me!"
    Elizabeth L. (Submitted 04/01/19)
  • "Dr. Peterson is the most caring medical professional I have encountered in my many years of suffering from various health issues. He is kind and knowledgeable, and is very generous with his time. The sessions always last as long as I need them to. I never feel like he is in a hurry or is trying to cut anything short. His office always tries to fit me in where they can and accommodate my crazy schedule. I cannot recommend Dr. Peterson enough."
    Sammi M. (Submitted 03/21/19)
  • "Michael is the best ! GREAT EXPERIENCE"
    Michelle O. (Submitted 03/08/19)
  • "Very knowledgeable. Pin points the location of the problem areas and provide accurate solutions. I definitely recommend."
    Adib A. (Submitted 02/28/19)
  • "Dr. Peterson is amazing. Truly put me back together and gave me the tools to keep on improving. Great visit!"
    Ava S. (Submitted 02/19/19)
  • "He was very understanding and gentle"
    Farzana C. (Submitted 02/15/19)
  • "The chiropractor was very knowledgeable and gave me exercise suggestions to treat my back problems. The massage was very soothing and targeted my problem areas. I would highly recommend this place."
    Ayana M. (Submitted 02/05/19)
  • "Wonderful doctor and office!"
    Alexandra P. (Submitted 01/24/19)
  • "Very knowledgeable and professional doctor! Friendly staff! Positive environment in the office!"
    Yelena K. (Submitted 01/23/19)
  • "Sometimes It feels quite magical... I go into the office with this freaking pain, going out of my mind, amazed that I got there. Always greeted by a cheerful & welcoming staff, then I see Dr. Peterson and my world changes. Not sure how he does it but it's fabulous. The pain subsides and feels like a weight is lifted off of me, I can think again....I will never be able to express my total appreciation to Dr. Peterson for keeping me going. Thank you so very much for your dedication. Sincerely!"
    Carol S. (Submitted 01/22/19)
  • "Dr. P and the staff are the best."
    James H. (Submitted 01/20/19)
  • "Always excellent. The staff and Dr. Peterson are amazing"
    Mark A. (Submitted 01/20/19)
  • "My experience at Move Weell has been second to none. I felt at home service is awesome very professional and the doctors and staff are very competent. I use to with a lot of pain now am pain free and feel very good."
    Andy A. (Submitted 01/19/19)
  • "Dr. Peterson has always been an amazing, caring, and attentive chiropractor. I recommend him and his office to everyone."
    Julia M. (Submitted 01/18/19)
  • "Dr Peterson and his staff are absolutely wonderful.Before seeing Dr.Peterson over 2 years ago I was suffering from terrible migraines but thank goodness no more. I highly recommend Dr .Peterson Chiropractic ,it has truly been a life changer .."
    Lenora R. (Submitted 01/18/19)
  • "Dr. Peterson is the kindest and most compassionate Doctor. He has helped me so much. I have been seeing him for five years! Where other Doctors have dismissed my pain Dr. Peterson has always listed to me especially this past year when an incorrect hernia repair left me with chronic pain from a foreign body. Dr. Peterson goes above and beyond for all his patients. You end up feeling more like family than a patient."
    Katherine C. (Submitted 01/18/19)
  • "Perfect alignment"
    Yuk-Ying (atena) C. (Submitted 01/17/19)
  • "Reduced the kinks in my shoulders and neck."
    Yuk-Ying (atena) C. (Submitted 01/17/19)
  • "Great full body massage by Richard. It feels like a full body workout at the gym."
    Luis C. (Submitted 01/14/19)
  • "Dr Peterson is the best! Fixed my back bringing me back to life!"
    Yelena K. (Submitted 01/12/19)
  • "Always feeling well. Great staff"
    Miguel G. (Submitted 01/12/19)
  • "Always an excellent experience"
    Tana E. (Submitted 01/11/19)
  • "I have seen multiple Chiropractors before and after my back surgery. Hands down, Dr Peterson and staff are so professional and I can trust Dr Peterson that my back is in good hands."
    Ryan G. (Submitted 01/11/19)
  • "Personable, professional, knowledgable, the staff and treatment is always top notch."
    Natashya W. (Submitted 01/11/19)
  • "Absolutely amazing physical therapist! Highly recommendable!"
    Boaz M. (Submitted 01/10/19)
  • "Dr Ben and team are amazing and professional. They make a big difference the quality of work I provide."
    Don C. (Submitted 01/10/19)
  • "."
    Haley R. (Submitted 01/09/19)
  • "Dr Peterson and his staff are amazing! High professionalism, amazing attitude and very friendly environment! I am highly satisfied with the level of care and support I get in this office."
    Yelena K. (Submitted 01/09/19)
  • "He is the most thorough, knowledgeable, and caring Chiroprator that I have ever had!!"
    Matthew M. (Submitted 01/09/19)
  • "Learned quite a bit. Will be coming back"
    Rachael T. (Submitted 06/30/18)
  • "I trust Dr. Gruen and his recommendations. He puts his patients first!"
    Joshua B. (Submitted 06/21/18)
  • "Wonderful experience with treating my neck pain. Almost instantly actually. Highly recommend Dr. G who has wonderful “bedside” manner and you know he truly cares."
    Francis B. (Submitted 06/01/18)
  • "Amazing! The staff were lovely and friendly, and the service was remarkable. Would recommend to anyone in the area!"
    Gabrielle J. (Submitted 12/18/17)
  • "Dr Ben is the greatest. I've said it before and will say it again. Not only is he very skilled at what he does but he has great bedside manners. Never thought I would be a person who actually looks forward to going to the chiropractor! But with Dr. Ben I can truly say that I do."
    Johnny S. (Submitted 12/14/17)
  • "I feel great!"
    Test T. (Submitted 11/29/17)
  • "Dr. Peterson was kind, straightforward, and able to answer all my questions confidently and concisely."
    Logan P. (Submitted 11/02/17)
  • "Professional kind and thorough"
    Jennifer V. (Submitted 10/14/17)
  • "Dr Gruen is very friendly and professional. I have neck and back pain for years. He was able to pinpoint the root cause and provided the treatment which instantly makes me feel better. Thank you, Dr Gruen!"
    Yiyun G. (Submitted 09/14/17)
  • "Dr. Gruen is kind and professional with a great bedside manner. The staff are friendly and accommodating as well. My experience was excellent and I would recommend!"
    Natasha P. (Submitted 08/18/17)
  • "Very good receptionist and service. Very smooth and efficient. Love that the insurance work is taken care of by the team."
    Nicole J. (Submitted 06/07/17)
  • "Dr Peterson gives a very personalized consultation. I have consulted several chiropractors over the past few years with little suceas prior to Dr Peterson. I highly recommend Dr Peterson"
    Michael C. (Submitted 04/13/17)
  • "Dr. Gruen is the best!"
    Lauren I. (Submitted 03/27/17)
  • "Christine gave me one of the best massagesolution and Dr. Peterson alleviated some of my back/neck pain."
    Towana D. (Submitted 03/09/17)
  • "I am so thankful for finding Dr. Peterson. I have seen several doctors without success and finding him was a blessing. Thank you!"
    Alex S. (Submitted 02/11/17)
  • "He's the best!!!"
    John N. (Submitted 02/11/17)
  • "Love this place."
    Constance R. (Submitted 12/15/16)
  • "Ben is great. He has a rare combination of good skill and bed side manner. I'd recommend him anytime."
    Johnny S. (Submitted 12/02/16)
  • "Highly recommend"
    Loren S. (Submitted 12/01/16)
  • "Wonderful session today. I feel like a new person."
    Katie V. (Submitted 11/07/16)
  • "First visit was great. Will be returning for further treatment."
    Andrew H. (Submitted 10/07/16)
  • "Doctor Kuang is great! he explains everything and takes the time to answer all my questions and concerns. I felt better from the first appointment and I will follow up with him."
    Annalisa A. (Submitted 09/21/16)
  • "This was my first experience with a chiropractor. He listened and said I really just need 2-3 sessions, I feel a little better."
    Dalilah S. (Submitted 09/01/16)
  • "Absolutely terrific. He was on time, respectful, extremely informative, and really made a difference on my first trip!"
    Lucille A. (Submitted 08/17/16)
  • "I came back after being MIA for 6 years not knowing if Dr.Peterson would remember me or my back issues or how long it would take to make me feel "human" again. As soon as he saw me (and early might I add) he remembered me and made my body feel like I was finally free of feeling like I was suffering from rigor mortis! I still have a long way to go, but I'm glad I came back and able to walk out the door pain-free!"
    Danielle T. (Submitted 06/11/16)
  • "great guy fixed my back. I'll see you soon"
    Himanshu T. (Submitted 06/06/16)
  • "I have been going to Dr Peterson for years now. I have seen a number of chiropractors over the years, and I can tell you, this fellow is top shelf. He listens to you, you don't get the bums rush at his place. He does excellent work and I would recommend him without reservation."
    John N. (Submitted 05/09/16)
  • "Dr Peterson has helped me tremendously with a lot of back, neck and shoulder problems. He is always very attentive and professional. The office has great and friendly stuff and I never wait for my appointment, but most important is that Dr Peterson eliminated all the pain and a lot of health issues for my whole family."
    Rita S. (Submitted 04/18/16)
  • "Great as always! Always feeling better after a session with Dr Peterson. He's the best!"
    Fatima E. (Submitted 01/12/16)
  • "I feel awesome!"
    K K. (Submitted 11/04/15)

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